ready to realize your dreams

investurismo brings its proven track-record, offering specialist tradespeople to homeowners in Costa blanca sur, especially in Torrevieja y Orihuela Costa. From full home renovations and large-scale extensions through to kitchen remodelling, bathroom refits and beyond, our specialist team will manage every stage of the process, from concepts through to sign off.

Preliminary Package
We start with a design consultation on site to discuss ideas and plans for your project. We can provide the knowledge and expertise to assist you in visualizing your ideas and formulating a budget.

Architectural Design
We can provide you with construction drawings to ensure things get built properly and obtain any necessary permits.

Turning your dream into a reality begins with understanding what the end result may look like. We can help you with this by providing both concept plans and 3-Dimensional visuals.

What is the most important thing in a renovation project? It’s not a fancy tool or material. It’s not even the design or architectural drawings. It’s trust. With mutual trust, the foundation for a smooth process is poured and set. That foundation then supports the most enjoyable renovation experience possible.

But just talking about trust is not enough to earn it. Our whole process is built around eliminating the headaches from every renovation. You can be confident that with investurismo, your home is in good hands.

While the early phases can be collaborative, we also know that you’re looking for one company to handle everything. You’re busy enough at work and taking care of your family or even relaxing. You don’t need the hassles of managing sub-trades, coordinating schedules and ordering materials. While you expect creativity and great craftsmanship, you’re looking for an honest contractor that will stick to the plan, keep you up-dated and informed, answer your questions and then get the job done.

Choosing investurismo means smoothing over all the rough edges that might occur during a renovation. The premise is simple. Our project-lead is there to supervise, clean up the site, make things safe, and ensure nothing gets overlooked – all the little things contractors are notorious for missing or covering up. As a result you’ll get regular upda-tes from someone who was actually there.

Renovations are never easy. They disrupt lives and there’s a lot on the line. But they’re worth it, and we do everything we can to make it as pleasurable as possible. That means seeing smiling homeowners. Not just because of a fun collaborative design process. Not just at the result of our talented craftsmen and builders’ work. But smiling at the whole experience. Smiling because when they suddenly remember to ask us for a favor, we’ve already taken care of it. Smiling because they didn’t experience anything like the horror stories they’ve heard. Smiling be-cause that’s all there is left to do.